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that much. boeing, when they reported, i bet you boeing up side, surprise. i found ge was good. i thought schlumberger was great. some companies not so great. it's a mixed picture. >> you mentioned boeing. interesting development in the investigation, the japanese reportedly focusing on the battery itself. and that supplier. u.s. regulators say the fire in boston, the battery didn't exceed its output standards, so maybe it's a wiring issue, maybe it is a circuit board issue. a wrinkle there. >> the investigations in japan and here taking different routes. all of which may add up to the dreamliner not coming back quite as soon as they'd hoped. >> someone screwed up. product liability. it's not so clear that the japanese company -- it's not that big. we look at the size of it. but people have insurance. and i think that boeing could be doing some collecting. >> yeah. finally, on the market, interesting article today in the journal again saying perhaps we're underestimating how much stock is being bought back. yes. that is still an underlying theme as we head further into this year, which is
of one venture capital firm made early and now profitable bets on those companies. we'll find out what he's looking at next. but first -- >> coming up, take a look at this. those dolphins know what's happening next. and they're rushing to make sure they don't miss it. six stocks in 60 seconds when "squawk on the street" returns. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] some day, your life will flash before your eyes. ♪ make it worth watching. ♪ the new 2013 lexus ls. an entirely new pursuit. humans. even when we cross our t's and dot our i's, we still run into problems. namely, other humans. at liberty mutual insurance, we understand. that's why our auto policies come with accident forgiveness if you qualify, where your rates won't go up due to your first accident, and new car replacement, where, if you total your new car, we give you the money for a new one. call... to talk to an insurance expert about everything else that comes standard with our base auto policy. and if you get into an accident and use one of our certified repair shops, your repairs are guaranteed for life. call... to switch, and
's -- call it $59,$59, 52-wee high maybe this is a bet on the consumer. >> interesting chart of lower highs and lower lows. >>> the president and ceo of bank of america, brian moynihan joins us live after his company's stock saw a 60% gain in 2012. we are back in a couple of minutes. [ male announcer ] when it comes to the financial obstacles military families face, we understand. our financial advice is geared specifically to current and former military members and their families. [ laughs ] dad! dad! [ applause ] [ male announcer ] life brings obstacles. usaa brings retirement advice. call or visit us online. we're ready to help. learn more with our free usaa retirement guide. call 877-242-usaa. [ male announcer ] when we built the cadillac ats from the ground up to be the world's best sport sedan... ♪ ...people noticed. ♪ the all-new cadillac ats -- 2013 north american car of the year. ♪ for a limited time, take advantage of this exceptional offer on the all-new cadillac ats. [ male announcer ] how do you turn an entrepreneur's dream... ♪ into a scooter that talks to the
to increase his bet on the company. >> carl, do you want to bid for the company? go ahead and bid for the company. >> hey, you don't have to tell me what i'm free to do. >> all right. >> they just don't make moments like that on tv very often. a lot got said on friday and over the weekend about what an amazing moment that was. >> that's all people were talking about. tom and jerry's bar. who won? the game's not until this weekend. i said, no, not the game -- >> what did you tell them? >> i felt on the merits ackman won. but the real winner was wapner, because wapner kept his poise and kept it going, and kept trying to bring it back to what i want to know, which is carl's position in herbalife. and it's not clear. >> although he was able to very succinctly in this case outline the short squeeze rationale. and an argument we have discussed, out there in the herbalife camp is ackman being as responsible as a fiduciary here. taking such a large position when you've got the questions about a borrow and ability to sustain that, at what cost. and liquidity questions in terms of any redem
it quiet. >> we're going out with the philly fight song hit 'em high, jim. >> you bet. watch our eagles fly. >> we'll see you tonight. >>> in fact, the phil,fed is after a short break and american aairlines new logo unveil when we come back. what are you doing? nothing. are you stealing our daughter's school supplies and taking them to work? no, i was just looking for my stapler and my... this thing. i save money by using fedex ground and buy my own supplies. that's a great idea. i'm going to go... we got clients in today. [ male announcer ] save on ground shipping at fedex office. >>> it didn't come out, but to the down side, not the up side. minus a.8. the last read was benchmark revised. we had a bunch of benchmark revisions, so we want to pay close attention to the fact that the november number is our comp, but this really is a bit of a reversal. 9 market just gave back a bit. the stocks, the dow is up 63. now up a whisker, so this number is always appreciated by the marketplace, and one of the few january reads, so always a bit in front. carl, back to you. >>> after housing starts and
bet. >> make sure you join us tomorrow. "squawk on the street" begins right now. >>> good thursday morning. i'm melissa wlee wilee with jim and david faber. let's get a check on u.s. futures and how we're setting up. positive data out of china. china exports came in much stronger than expected. jobless claims coming in 9,000 above consensus estimates. a higher open at this point, dow about 52 1/2, s&p looking to open up 8. as for the picture in europe, of course all eyes are on the esc presser, ecb and bank of england leaving rates unchanged. the question is will draghi open the door for the possibility of a cut. so that's on our radar. italy biggest gainer there up more than 1%. our road map this morning starts in washington. jack lew officially nominated as treasury chief. lew is known for his role in the being acrimonious talks in 2011. what could it mean this time. >> tiffany disappoints again with weaker holiday sales. there was weakness in the americas, strength in asia. so how much of a read through to the rest of retail is this earnings report? >>> nokia shares soaring this
're hopefully optimistic that they'll continue. and last thing anybody who's bet against america has proved it's a losing bet in the past. we're very bullish on this country. >> steve, thanks so much for your time. thank you for joining us first on cnbc. >> thank you. >>> interesting debate. meantime, goldman sachs making waves with the bonus pay joits. we'll get that in a moment. after the break, david faber's exclusive with mel karmazin. he's here to give us his very first interview since stepping down as the ceo of sirius xm. we're back in a couple of minutes. mine was earned in djibouti, africa, 2004. the battle of bataan, 1942. [ all ] fort benning, georgia, in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve the military, veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto-insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. that your mouth is under attack, from food particles and bacteria. try fixodent. it helps create a food
that -- it's like, i'm sorry for recommending twitter. you bet, you idiot. give me a break. apple, i want it higher. i don't want it lower. >> that was a puzzle. but when they come out and say high market saturation, are analysts beginning to stretch in why apple should become -- >> am i not to like it? geez, i mean, it's still a real company. i would have sold all of it if i just thought it was a bunch of idiots. >> but it's a wonder. take a look at this dream of downgrades, and price target reductions. i wonder, because all of these things were in place before. the fact that gross ma jins -- that happened with the 3gs. you wonder what all of a sudden right now, you know, you've got to wonder about this. >> i think that's a legitimate question to ask. because people at jim cramer on twitter, many of them, and i hate to use this word, because it's condescending, but there are uninformed investors that buy higher and sell lower. a lot of people bought the web band because they were going higher. the first tuesday, wasn't it the first tuesday or something? >> it may have been. >> you know w
to say take a shot, but they come back time and time again. you bet against novak. howard schulz at the 48, 49 level for starbucks. at the same time, yes, it's absolutely true. this is a china play. so you want china to be hitting on all cylinders and not falling double digits. >> amazing this morning how quickly you see a yum, say, tweet or headline, and how quickly the conversation turns to a nike or other companies who are heavily relying on that country. is the situation comparable or not? >> the last nike quarter looked a little better. north america has been very strong. nike has a new shoe coming out. i think you're absolutely right to worry about anything china. but i think that nike is a two-quarter phenomenon. yum is this quarter, and maybe next quarter or the quarter after. china is the big conundrum. because you have to think, well, wait a second, are they picking on american companies? are they picking on us? >> to what extent does that add the unpredictability of the chinese consumer increasing their spending, the idea that that could be fine, but we have to keep in
in. amazon is just a phenomena. and so many people bet against it. and it has been a terrible bet. >> even with sales tax being paid in many jurisdictions. it was a concern for so long, but it doesn't seem to -- >> it was a bear. >> we should point out before we get to bob pisani, lumina shares down about 9% this morning. the chairman saying at -- roach, excuse me, which we knew had made a hostile bid afforded by lumina last year. that laroche saying they had no interest at this point in pursuing that acquisition. you may recall, those shares rallied sharply towards the end of the year on a french newspaper report that at the time i said i was completely unfamiliar with anything going on there -- >> you said, don't trust it. which was a great call. >> thanks. >> do not trust it. >> it did move the stock up a lot. a lot of that and more being taken out today on that news on i illlumina. >> i like that. one of the things that is disturbing to me is there have been so many articles in papers, local papers, best buy. i often find, just an observation, that the newspapers tend not to g
is a down stock and it's going up today. do you lighten up on that? i don't think that's a bad bet. >> citigroup saying downgrade that name. urban outfitters, a little more optimistic. >> this bucks the trend. jeffries had been far too negative, they went from sell to hold. i think they had a strong holiday soap. they have new management. become very much house wear oriented. i still think that the house story, homes going up in value, i think even though the stock has been going up, i still like it. >> what a hit here. >> they go target 27 to 6. a record year for the stock. it is way, way down. i don't want to touch this thing. this is a commodity player. >> where was jeffries $20 ago? 27.6. >> i like that. that equals 21. here's what i say about this. avoid it. >> a lot of retail concern. but still, the bulls getting ready to snort with delight today. the first opening bell of 2013 is just minutes away. we've got a big rally on top. we've got a huge crowd here. look at this crowd. everybody here from chicago and lake forest. lovie smith could be here, we don't know. we're back af
. that would definitely help a steeper yield curve. again, a lot of these are assumptions still. i would bet that sub 2% gdp the tougher road to hoe for the banks, since many of them run nicely. bank of america 100% gain in 2012. a tough one to get through in 2013. >> high-end retailer not surprise me. people selling the stock, not surprise me if a hall a very good holiday season if nordstrom's did, macy's did, costco did. rick santelli at the cme group in chicago. good morning, rick. >> good morning. we know we had two bits of data out today, one adp, better than expected, talk on the santelli exchange around 10:50. the other bit of data, a bit of a rise on initial jobless claims. with the holiday season affecting both and the temporary workers side, fascinating to reconcile these, the way the ten-year did it boom, adp yield moved up, on the jobs, it moved down on initial jobless claims. so now, we are one basis point below the 184 sell yesterday. open the chart up to may 1st you can pick it out, hovering at the highest yield close since mid-september but really, very close. should we get c
germany is going to have to rearm. i don't mean world war ii. we're pulling back. i bet you we take our soldiers out of japan and germany in the next four years. it costs too much money. these countries are buyers of our hardware. >> we should point out this continued dispute between china and japan over the south china sea continues to escalate. to sending fighter jets into near air space. it's certainly something to keep in mind. >> gm is going to be better. and bmw will be better. >> right. as a result of the chinese consumer not buying enough japanese -- >> government putting through a tremendous buy program of stocks there, don't you think? isn't that's what's really happening when you debase the yen? government -- you know, that was the rumor in '89, oh, the government's in buying stocks again. we used to say that about greece. but when you lower the yen -- >> at the weakest level since june of 2010. >> get your walkman out. >> i never put it away. >> he's got it under the table. >> you haven't bought a thing since i've been on a buying spree. i'm going to take you to jcpenney whe
. next week's busy, too. >> you bet. >> 6:00 and 11:00 tonight. [ engine revving ] ♪ [ male announcer ] every car we build must make adrenaline pump and pulses quicken. ♪ to help you not just to stay alive... but feel alive. the new c class is no exception. it's a mercedes-benz through and through. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. stop! stop! stop! come back here! humans -- we are beautifully imperfect creatures living in an imperfect world. that's why liberty mutual insurance has your back with great ideas like our optional better car replacement. if your car is totaled, we give you the money to buy one a model year newer. call... and ask one of our insurance experts about it today. hello?! we believe our customers do their best out there in the world, and we do everything we can to be there for them when they need us. [car alarm blaring] call now and also ask about our 24/7 support and service. call... and lock in your rate for 12 months today. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? >>>
, rich kinder, best operator. natural gas. rich kinder is making the bet that all money lost. >> that's a big deal. which we should actually talk a bit more about later in the program. or maybe we'll do it on cramer's "mad dash." we just have a few moments to go before the opening bell. carl, of course, has more from r.i.m.'s blackberry 10 event as we count down to the launch. in fact, there he is. carl. >> not long now, david. widely seen as make or break product for the company. more on the blackberry 10 ahead of its unveiling in a half hour. but we can still help you see your big picture. with the fidelity guided portfolio summary, you choose which accounts to track and use fidelity's analytics to spot trends, gain insights, and figure out what you want to do next. all in one place. i'm meredith stoddard and i helped create the fidelity guided portfolio summary. it's one more innovative reason serious investors are choosing fidelity. now get 200 free trades when you open an account. humans. even when we cross our t's and dot our i's, we still run into problems. namely, other humans
, is there a takeover coming? >> i think that's why they're betting the stock up? >> if the company were ever to stabilize, it's darn cheap. avon, herbalife, tubber wear. herb, where are you when i need you? i talked about credit markets doing better. they're talking about raising targets to 20. are you kidding me? i don't know anything that's better. but it's cheap. i'm a buyer. >> all right. that's the word on the "mad dash" from mr. cramer. the first reaction to today's jobs report from the white house. when labor secretary hilda solis joins us live. that's about ten minutes from now. opening bell is just a few minutes away. getting ready for another big day of trading. and of course, much more on "squawk on the street." there are a lot of warning lights and sounds vying for your attention. so we invented a warning you can feel. introducing the all-new cadillac xts. available with a patented safety alert seat. when there's danger you might not see, you're warned by a pulse in the seat. it's technology you won't find in a mercedes e-class. the all-new cadillac xts has arrived, and it's brin
bet is something they're building is literal, like a building. it's hard to know. i don't think that would cause the stock to move one way or the other. >> that would be anti-climactic if it was just a building. you mentioned facebook is a small buy at this point. in terms of your biggest buy in this universe, which stock are you most excited about in 2013 in terms of upside? >> it's amazon. one of the reasons has to do with the current valuation setup. the most important themes in the internet space this year, tick them off, international turning less worse from last year. secondly, mobile, for the first time, mobile eclimsed 10% of all retail sales in the fourth quarter. now, retail -- i'm sorry, mobile has been a clear positive for google. a lot of incremental sales. the move toward same-day delivery, there was a prior segment that you ran on the problems with cash flow in retailers. there's a major force coming here. it's amazon's ability to deliver next day and then same day. that's a huge positive development. they've been building it for years. it's a huge positive develo
capital, and, you know, i would definitely bet on mcdonald's and not against them. >> nicole, have fun in new orleans. nice football game going to be played there in a couple weeks. we'll see you next time. >> thank you. >> nicole miller reagan join us from piper. >> coach slides after its quarterly results this morning. the company saying it's transitioning to a lifestyle brand. hey, herb. >> this is one of those deals, i go through a ton of releases this time of year. i'm looking for trends and ekts cueses. anything that is sticking out like a sore thumb. and with coach it was just so obvious when you read through the earnings release. when you saw that quote where they said they are transforming themselves into a global lifestyles company anchored in accessories. the minute i saw that, yes, carl, i did tweet it out, and i also did say to myself, it is game over for the story of coach as we knew it, mostly as a fast-growing handbag company. one look at the company's earnings and sales growth and it's really easy to see why the company is trying to position itself and spin itself with
on the opening. >> thank you. >> should you find a home in yourfolioportfolio? betting on social media, we'll talk with one of the first investors in facebook. the stock off to a flying start this year. let's take a look at futures as we ended our eight-day winning streak on the s&p 500. how do traders using technical analysis streamline their process? at fidelity, we do it by merging two tools into one. combining your customized charts with leading-edge analysis tools from recognia so you can quickly spot key trends and possible entry and exit points. we like this idea so much that we've applied for a patent. i'm colin beck of fidelity investments. our integrated technical analysis is one more innovative reason serious investors are choosing fidelity. now get 200 free trades when you open an account. still not getting the control you want call now or visit you have a chance to help control your blood sugar for yourself and for those who depend on you most. with your free "chance at control kit", you'll get facts about insulin and how it can lower blood sugar. a meal
a great weekend. >> you bet. >> john harwood. meantime talks in netflix saying long time bear going bullish, upgrading to a buy this morning from a neutral on the cnbc newsline, the analyst behind that call, tony wible. great to have you back. welcome. >> thanks for having me. >> somebody said this morning you going bullish on netflix is the equivalent of hell freezing over. do you see it that way? >> yeah. i've heard a lot that. it's important to take fresh looks at stuff. >> what was it that did it? you cited a number of catalysts the disney deal but there must have been something that planted the seed for what i am guessing will be a sustained run of enthusiasm or optimism. >> the biggest thing really is the deal, we're seeing studios and the cable companies taking a fresh perspective of the company which leads us to do the same thing. it is still manifesting in the sense that time warner, frankly reluctant with netflix in the past and now hearing about netflix getting these deals with cable companies. i think those things come together to help propel some sub growth. then you wr
that -- people were shorting dunkin', betting that would cut into the $2.72 similar size it hasn't. it's going to be good coffee. >> when we come back, the first home builder to go public in almost a decade. tripoint homes ringing the opening bell in a moment. we will bring you the company's first trade and a live interview with the ceo when "squawk on the street" continues. when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters. bob will retire when he's 153, which would be fine if bob were a vampire. but he's not. ♪ he's an architect with two kids and a mortgage. luckily, he found someone who gave him a fresh perspective on his portfolio. and with some planning and effort, hopefully bob can retire at a more appropriate age. it's not rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. >>> you're watching cnbc's "squawk on the street," live from
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